Johannes adit

A historic mine over 500 years old, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which will introduce you to the history of metal mining. Tickets can be purchased at the Boží Dar tourist center

The largest mine in the district of Golden Hill – Kaff, was the Johannes adit, which was in operation without significant breaks from the 16th century to the 1870s. Even in the 1920s and again between 1950s and 1960s there was a mining exploration conducted. This is an exceptionally well-preserved complex of historical mines where the old miners dug enormous underground chambers, which are rarely seen elsewhere in the world. In this respect, the Johannes adit is absolutely exceptional. Everyone who enters its underground can now explore even these unique chambers, of which the largest one has dimensions of 60 x 20 m and is 10-12 m high. The chambers have been opened to the public by the town of Bozi Dar with the help of a grant from the “Cil 3” Program of the European Union.